Data Analytics

Data engineering and analytics services ensure that data moves smoothly and quickly from its source to its final destination, with minimal distortion. Organizations may make informed, data-driven decisions to improve revenue production, user experience, and operational efficiency, among other things.

With a ton of options available to perform this process, organizations are stumbling their way through their architectural decisions. And more often than not, the ‘obvious choice’ need not be the right choice for your business. With deep expertise and vast experience, both in commercial and open source tools, Bigapps can help you explore these options and make technology work to meet your unique data engineering and analytics needs.

The forecast stays the same regardless of where enterprises now stand in the Engineered solutions spectrum (i.e) the need to handle challenges quickly and accurately, as well as give value to customers as quickly as possible.

Data and Analytics Services

  • Data Engineering Solutions.
  • BI and Data Modernization Solutions.
  • Data Analytics Solutions.
  • AI/ML Solutions.

Data Engineering

Data is already awash in organizations, and the volume is increasing by the minute. Companies must develop data pipelines to help transform and transmit data into a format that is ready for usage by data scientists and other end-users in order to get the most value out of their data assets. In today's competitive global market, growing data volumes offer immense possibilities for enterprises to develop commercial value from acquired data, provide exceptional customer service, and stay ahead of the curve.

Our data engineering services assist all data consumers in making data more usable and accessible. We assist our clients in gathering data requirements, maintaining data metadata, ensuring data security and governance, and processing data according to their specific needs.

To help businesses exploit and optimize the value of their data, Bigapps employs a customized approach. We start with a robust data foundation and then mine it for insights. Our goals are to solve fundamental roadblocks that prevent companies from scaling and converting into data-savvy competitors.

We can assist you with:

  • Creation and maintenance of data pipelines (ETL and ELT).
  • APIs that are used to design and develop data products.
  • Make data quality management possible.


  • Data Architecture.
  • Data Ingestion.
  • Data Governance.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Migration

Data Architecture

Bigapps can help you build data lake architectures that can enable migration of your data from existing databases to new databases. We ensure the quality of data and also keep it secure and accessible.

Data Ingestion

Bigapps’s data engineering solutions tackle today’s enterprises’ critical data management, processing, organizational, and storage concerns.

Data Governance

Our Data engineering practices ensure data quality is not compromised regardless of where it is processed or stored. We set up projects with detailed guidelines and data governance policies. In addition, we perform frequent checks to ensure the sanctity of data is intact.

Data Warehousing

Data warehouse, integration, enterprise data management services, data modeling and architecture, data governance, performance, and managed services are all part of Bigapps’s data engineering services. We recognise the complexities of data warehousing and ensure that meticulous attention to detail is preserved by incorporating discrete and critical components into the process.

Data Virtualization

Bigapps lays the groundwork for your company’s data virtualization project, with maturing architectures that meet your changing needs. By providing all your data in a single logical layer that is curated, secure, and serves a variety of users, we help eliminate data bottlenecks, allow consistency, and reuse.

Data Migration

Our data engineering solutions have helped businesses solve their data migration problems. Customers can easily navigate the digital transformation journey as a result of this. Our well-thought-out strategic solutions produce business results. We handle every aspect of your data migration, including strategy, growth, documentation, and content.