Mobile Development

Mobile Application Development

Do you want a App developed to support your business? Do you have a idea which you want to build on?
How about a place in Apple App Store, and Google Play Store?

In today’s digital era hundreds of companies promise to render top-notch quality mobile apps, we lead the charge of developing a custom-fit tailored apps considering your business model as well as the need of your end customers. Our mobile app developers can build the mobile app to your requirement, in your budget and as per your timeline.

  • Agile Process: We keep our clients in the loop undertaking an agile process for mobile app development.
  • Skilled Developers: We have a team of nerdy developers who excel in the field of mobile app development domain.
  • Relentless Support: We offer end to end solutions with 24/7 support keeping your business on toes throughout the day.

Native development means the creation of separate applications for each mobile platform. That is, you need to develop an application for iOS and another one for Android. Then the applications will be uploaded to the particular platform stores. These are the advantages of native apps:

  1. Advanced design options.
  2. Support for all smartphone features, including in-app purchases, access to location services or a camera, push notifications, and priority updates.
  3. Fast, responsive, and reliable interface.

Cross-platform development of mobile applications is the creation of a common code base for two platforms, with further translation of the code on each OS via an intermediate layer. These are the advantages of cross-platform apps:

  1. A single code base and correct operation on all platforms, which allows us to simplify the logic and avoid possible errors.
  2. Reducing the price and time of writing the code if you do not need to ensure a fit for each platform. The logic will be simple, and the user interface will remain minimalistic.

progressive web application (PWA) brings together the best qualities of a mobile website and a native app. These are the advantages of progressive web applications:

  1. No need for an intermediary (a store).
  2. Development costs are lower than when using classical approaches.