Web Development

Web Application Development

Our dedicated web application development team of brings in over 20+ years of domain experience. More than 500 web applications delivered by Bigapps power businesses across various industries: healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Bigapps keeps up with the latest trends in front-end development to meet the growing user demands for simplicity and visual appeal. To make web applications not only powerful, but also interactive, intuitive and stylish, we work with a wide range of technologies.
Such as: HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript/ Ajax/ jQuery/ ReactJS/ AngularJS/ Bootstrap/

We define our backend development tools in accordance with our customers’ business requirements and develop robust and durable backend coding.
Such as: PHP (Symfony)/ Python (Django, Pyramid)/ .NET (ASP.NET)/ Java (Spring Boot)/ Node.js (Express.js)

We offer deployment and customization of a suitable content management system.
Such as: Magento/ Pimcore/ SharePoint/ Drupal/ WordPress/ ServiceNow/ Dynamics 365/ Salesforce

Bigapps works with all the most widely known SQL and NoSQL databases.
Such as: Oracle/ Microsoft SQL Server/ MySQL/ MongoDB/ SQL Azure/ PostgreSQL/ SybaseDB2