Repair Center Management Software

BigApps team have developed Software Application for repair shops performing repair & service of electronic devices like mobilephones, laptops, desktop pc, smart tv, etc… Our software is simple and has a easy to use interface. It is quick to setup and will help repair centers professionalize their operations handling the complete life cycle of orders.

Besides business automation software, we also offer various value add services like
☆ Micro Site
☆ Lead Sourcing (CRM)
☆ Repair Desk
☆ GST Invoicing
☆ Inventory
☆ Analytics
☆ Buybacks Support
☆ Warranty Packs
☆ Payment Gateway
☆ Messaging & Notifications

We continue to innovate and shall be adding more feature as we grow our products.

Bigfix partner marketplace has already onboarded 1000+ registered repair centers and plans to on-board 10000+partners during the current financial year. Bigfix offer low cost subscriptions plans, namely: Bigfix EXprt, Bigfix EXprs+ & Bigfix ECare.

Partner with Bigfix by registering online or just download our mobile application using below information.